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Eva Tavares

Eva Tavares is an award-winning director and actor, hailing from Vancouver, BC. Most recently portraying Christine in the Broadway Tour of Phantom of the Opera, Eva is a graduate of the Women In The Director’s Chair Career Advancement Module for Female Directors, the Banff/Citadel Training Program, UBC Opera, the LAMDA Short Course. You might think “what’s all this theatre stuff doing in a film director’s bio?” Great question. The thing is, coming from a live performance background has profoundly shaped the way Eva has approached filmmaking, as seen in the choreographic nature of her shot choices, emphasis on previs and rehearsal, and the team mentality that's fostered on her sets.

Eva has had a ton of fun and success in both the narrative and music video realm, garnering international acclaim with a Leo nominated/ UBCP/ACTRA award winning short A Little Vacation, and I’m Still Here, a music video for local artist Kristin Carter and Creative BC. Eva is the recipient of the MVP Music Video Grant in collaboration with the Prism Prize and currently participating in Hallmark’s Make Her Mark Program for female directors. She looks forward to bringing your project into the spotlight!