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Ben Brady

Ben Brady is a talented Director and Cinematographer based in Los Angeles, known for his dynamic storytelling and captivating visuals. With a background steeped in hands-on experience and a love for creative expression, Ben brings unparalleled expertise and a unique perspective to every project he undertakes.

Raised in Santa Monica, California, Ben's passion for storytelling was cultivated at a young age. He grew up in a family of filmmakers, on and around hollywood’s sets and found his love for photography by 13. Ben developed a visual style based on his connection to his environment; a delicate blend of surf, skate and street culture.

Given his experience as a DP, shot design and lighting are 2nd nature. He has an innate ability to connect with talent, drawing raw and authentic performances, capturing the audience. Currently, Ben is focused on creating commercials and branded content, with a particular emphasis on comedy-friendly lifestyle genres. He sees collaboration as the cornerstone of his work, finding joy in building a team to bring his creative vision to life.